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Our team can provide the best answer for any question you have regarding your business, helping you making best desicion based on the most reliable data.

Are the customers satisfied with my service?
How to make customers repeat their purchase?
Why is my business slowing recently?
Who are my products actually used?
Should I introduce new products?
How much customers like my new products?
Why the consumer prefer my competitor's product?
How to make consumer prefer my product?

Wide range of research topics!

Our team covers wide range of research topics, no matter what you need, we could get answer for it.

Brand Image
Concept Testing
Shopping Behavior
Packaging Testing
Advertising Testing
Market Segmentation
Usage, Attitude, and Behavior
Pricing Research
Consumer Product Testing
Mystery Shopping
Customer Satisfaction
Brand Health Monitoring
Event & Promo Evaluation
Market Competition

Multiple Research Method

Depending on your needs, we will adapt our research method to make sure we could get most acurate and reliable outcome.


  • Pen and Paper Interview (PAPI)
  • Computer-assisted Telephone interview (CATI)
  • Computer-assisted Personal Interview (CAPI)
  • Web Survey / Computer-assisted Web Interview (CAWI)
  • Mystery Shopping


  • Focus Group Discussion (FGD)
  • In-depth interview
  • Recruiting


  • Field Research
  • Data Entry
  • Quality Control

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